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At Eimac (Pty) Ltd we are dedicated to excellent service and to maintaining the highest professional standards possible.  Our services have been cultivated to perfection through years of experience and are continuously adapting to industry demands. 


Eimac was founded in 2002 by J.J. Veldsman who became a registered professional engineer in 1988.  After four years at the SA Transport Services, two of which were spent as District Engineer, J.J. Veldsman became the Chief Electrical Engineer for the Western Cape at BKS Incorporated.  This eventually led to the founding of his first practice, which grew and evolved to ultimately become Eimac (Pty) Ltd.

In 2017 Eimac rebranded and found its new home in Oude Westhof Medical Centre.  Eimac may look different, but we are the same reliable company that delivered successful results for 16 years! For a look at some of our past projects, please view the map below.

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